We love gambling! In fact, we support ourselves gambling. Therefor we hope that you will enjoy our tips on gambling online, whether it comes to casino, poker, betting or other games. In this blog Gambling Casinos we will mainly focus on casino games, but one or two posts may be on other games if we have been lucky or has a good tip for you.

We live in sunny Malta, where we met when working within iGaming. A couple of years ago we quit our jobs to try to make a living on gambling and so far so good! We actually live together in a large apartment in Sliema and have started this blog just for fun. We have no intention of making big money on it, we just wants to give you honest advices on online gambling.

We have different favorite games when we gamble, but we often say a mixture is good. We try not to stick to a favorite slot or a certain game. Although, each day we play poker and place some bets, which we then mix up with casino games.

Online gambling is rather new and we have been practicing from the beginning. When online gambling started becoming popular, it was rather unsure which casinos that were safe and how long they would last. Today there are a huge amount of casinos to choose from and by choosing an online casino with a good reputation you can be rather sure it’s a casino that is safe to gamble on. In our FAQ section you can read more about what we think is important when choosing an online casino.

We will try to feature both some good casinos, good games and give you gambling tips in this blog. We also like to share some of our own gambling stories. Please contact us if there is something you wonder about.

Welcome to Gambling Casinos!