As you can see we are keeping our resolution to keep writing about casino and the games we like and everything that you should know. Perhaps we should tell you why we even started this site. Well as we have told you guys before we who are behind this site absolutely love casino and has a lot of experience of gaming online. We started this site so that we could learn other people the things that we know and help to spread the word of online gambling.

We who run this site are five different people, Maria, José, Carolyne, Eric and Santos. We met when we all studied at college and since then we have sticked along to each other. When we studied in college we used to have poker nights to celebrate when an exam was done. We had all kinds of snacks, sodas and played some poker. In that way we got this hobby and everybody was interested in it. So we decided to take this a bit further and start this site where everyone who likes casino and gambling can find everything that is necessary to know.

Which are our favorites then? You could think that it is only poker, but after we have learned more about the gambling online and made our perspective wider we have each our own category which we tend to love a bit more than the others.

Maria – “I like to play slot machines mostly actually”
José – “My favorite game is black jack”
Carolyne – “I am the master of poker”
Eric – “I usually play baccarat or roulette”
Santos – “Don’t listen to Carolyne, I’m the best at poker”

So now you know a bit more about us. We have been playing for five years now and we do get better for every time we play. So to learn all the rules for each game and try a couple of times are important before you make up your mind if you like the game or not.

Wishing you all a happy weekend! / Love from the gambling group

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