Hi and welcome back to gamblingcasinos.mn, there hasn’t been much update from us lately but now it is a new year and we have new strength to continue on. Today I thought that I would tell you a bit about my personal favorite games that I play on casinos. Can you guess it? It is blackjack!

I just absolutely love blackjack and everything about it. This is what I wrote about blackjack in my last post “Blackjack is one of those games that gets a lot of attention from players no matter what type of casino they enjoy. It is one of the most popular games in land based casinos, online casinos, and mobile casinos. Mobile blackjack games look much like the online ones, only smaller and a bit simplified. They also offer many chances to win”. So that wasn’t that much information right? Not at all actually so I thought that it is time to tell you guys about this amazing game.

So when you play blackjack is all about the number 21. Perhaps you have seen the movie 21? well then you know about blackjack and then you understand that it is one of the most common games where players try to count cards. But more about that later. Go back to what I started with the number 21.

The game is played between you and the dealer, and you are going to try to beat the dealer. You can beat the dealer in three different ways:
Get 21 points on your first two cards. (this is called blackjack or natural)
Reach a score that is higher than the dealer but not higher than 21
Or let the dealer take more cards and getting more points than 21.

blackjackThe game starts and both you and the dealer gets two cards where the points on each card is added together. Kings, Queens and Jacks are all counted as 10 points and an Ace can be counted as either 1 or 11. All other cards are counted as the value of the number. So this is all the basics that you need to know before you can start playing. You can’t score more then 21, then you will loose. To reach a score higher then 21 is called to “bust”.

The dealer will continue to hit cards until you have reached a total of 17 points or more. Players win if the don’t bust and they have a higher score than the dealer. The dealer loses when they bust or has a lower score than the player. Should you get the same point as the dealer it is called a “push” and you neither win or lose on that hand. So now you know a bit about blackjack.

I usually use this guide when I feel like I have to read more about the rules and how you should bet. So this is my favorite game and my favorite guide. Hopefully you go some sort of help from this. Leave a comment on what you want to read about and we will make 2017 the year!

One of my personal favorite games!