The mobile casinos have been around for a good amount of time, but only during the last couple of years, people have started to take them into consideration thanks to the fact that the smartphones have now an increased processing power, the screen size and resolution has drastically improved and the operating system is starting to become closer to what we see at a normal PC.

Under these circumstances the number of mobile casinos which are currently available is starting to grow very fast. And since you are starting to have many choices, it’s going to become more difficult to choose the best mobile casino. I think i read a guide to what a good casino should offer here.

In this article we will offer you a short guide with all the factors that you should take into consideration when signing up for a mobile casino.

Compatibility – One of the crucial things that you should take into consideration when signing up for a mobile casino is whether the casino software is compatible with your mobile phone and tablet on which you are planning to install it. This is a key starting point that you have to use the moment when you start the mobile casino selection process. Fortunately the most popular mobile casinos right now are compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Blackberry and Nokia. While some will even offer a version which is compatible with an even wider than those presented. Only after you make sure that the mobile casino is compatible with your phone, you can move on and have a look at the other things you should take into consideration to choose the best mobile casino.

Reputation – The reputation is also a very important factor. You should always sign up only for those casinos that have a good reputation. You can check the reputation by looking for the eCogra seal which should be posted on their homepage. In addition to that you can also seek for the feedback of real money members that already had an experience with the casino. You can find that on gambling related forums and blogs. There are also many online casino websites where they allow users to post their comments about a certain casino.

Bonuses – After the reputation test the next thing you should be after are the promotions and bonuses offered. Some online casinos will give you a special bonus the moment when you sign up for their mobile platform, and give you an additional sign up bonus, even if you are already a member of their online PC casino version. At the same time when you are looking for good bonuses make sure that you also read the terms and conditions, you should have a look at the wagering requirements. This way you get the chance to compare the different bonuses and sign up only for the best mobile casino with the greatest bonus.

Games offered – While the mobile casinos are still just starting out in this industry, some online casinos are only going to offer you a limited number of games. The number of games which are currently available at mobile casinos is around 20. Before signing up you should make sure that they are offering the games that you enjoy playing. Usually you can find and play the following games: blackjack, video poker, slots and roulette.

What do you think? Does it sound fair to search for all of this? If you think it’s hard to find a casino that offers this you can always use this guide for some help!

How to choose a good mobile casino